The Long way home from crete

The Long way home from crete

About the author

Isaac Kal Born in 1958, he is married and has four daughters. Isaac is an international businessman who lives in Toronto. Issac used to work 20 years for the Israeli Prime Minister Office.

The Plot

Abraham escapes his comfortable and luxurious life in Germany and immigrates to Israel, prior to the outbreak of World War II. As a means to support his family amidst financial hardships, Abraham enlists in the Israeli branch of the Royal Pioneer Corps under the British Military. Through fighting in battles in Tobruk and Greece, he finds a new sense of strength and resilience to survive. His wife, Genia, struggles to raise their son as a single parent in a new country. She faces the temptations of infidelity when a young chivalrous man appears in her household. Their son, Aaron, is sent to an orphanage, and like his father, finds the strength to continue living under gruelling conditions. The plot is based on real-life events, combined with the personal story of an Israeli Royal Pioneer Corps soldier. The book sheds light on the lives of 2,000 Israeli Royal Pioneer Corps soldiers, taken captive in Germany until the end of the war.

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Book reviews from Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop! Reviewed in Canada on March 12, 2021 Verified Purchase This book beautifully demonstrates the will to survive in the most dire situations. I was so excited to read this, the story of a comfortable life being thrown into turmoil prior to WW2 really hit close to home, and echoed the experience of my family. The way the book also focuses on the wife, and son, is a refreshing point of view, and depicts the equally difficult battles families had to endure, while their patriarch was out fighting the literal ones. Can’t recommend this book enough.
Davida G
Incredible Book! I highly recommend, especially for those who are interested in a new genre! This book jumped to the top of Amazon's most popular Jewish history books for a good reason! The book contains a rich, informative historical background that sets the scene for Abraham and the challenges he faces!
The was one of the best books that I've read in a while! It was very captivating and such a treat to peer into the lives of the characters as they experienced the trials of life.
Aaron Ovadia
Really well written and captivating book. This book is a great piece of historical fiction that captures the time period and engrosses the reader into the lives of the characters. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new book to read, I really enjoyed this book.
Jeffrey Cohen
Very compelling story. Kept me intrigued for the entire time. Can’t wait the read the sequel if there is one.
Lawrence M
I couldn’t put this book down. Amazing story!
Steven S